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Be Unbreakable

We are not just another workout program or net working group. We are ladies who are here to help you... the overwhelmed mommas who has lost herself. We will help you get to the other side by uncovering your inner strength that has always been there, just tucked away. We take the whole health approach of mind, body and spirit in the Unbreakable Momma Style - being courageous, supportive, relentless and unstoppable.

We will take the “road blocks” that are holding you back, break them down into bite size pieces to help avoid the overwhelmed and teach you how it applies to our 4 pillar approach - Fuel, Mindset, Movement and Fit. We will help you reconnect with yourself and give you the extra skills you need to build those unbreakable bonds with not only yourself, but that of your kiddos and loved ones.

Come on this journey and let us be your support and get back to being you.

FUEL with Karla Roach - DexaFit Eau Claire

MINDSET with Leslie Smith - Leslie Smith Coaching

FIT with Stacy Whaley - Fire Up & Lead

MOVEMENT with Felisha Hurst - Fitness Warrior

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